Chapter 6

Darkside.  Instinct had brought me here, though I wasn’t sure what instinct. All the information I had about the city was from Kieren’s stories. He had trained in Darkside the first two cycles of his training after requesting the most difficult location to assimilate. I’d asked him why he would want to train somewhere like … Continue reading Chapter 6

Chapter 5

As usual, the world tilted, twirled, spinning and rocking before re-righting itself. I switched my interface off, breathing deeply. Immediately I smelled the tang of salt, felt the frigid wind cutting across my still bare upper body. I squinted into what appeared to be mid-afternoon light, though the gray day made it hard to tell … Continue reading Chapter 5


Can a person be truly separate from social conditioning? Meaning, are we only creatures of the social world we live in? Do we truly have independent thought, or do the social circumstances we live in (and can never separate ourselves from) inform every aspect of who we are? It is taking the question of nature … Continue reading Society